Property in Australia

Property in Australia has for some time now been a dream for a lot of individuals; patrolling the outback and dreaming of a life on a sun-kissed beach, but of course there are lots of other things to consider.

Will the property appreciate? is almost always a major factor. Over time property always has but it always pays to closely study the market, the time and the conditions of the location. Among the key advantages of the market for property investment in Australia is high lease yields and this is set to improve as demand is already greater than availability.

Off plan property is, in addition, available and frequently an alternative that has a good profit margin, but again you should obtain a licence from the FIRB, this is usually a formality which can be concluded in a few months providing you have all your documents in order. Another thing worth mentioning and this applies everywhere, but especially in some specific areas of Australia is how green is the property? How energy and water efficient is it?

This is sure to become more significant over the following few years as energy and water become more expensive and green taxes are imposed by authorities. I anticipate the Australian government to be at the vanguard of this kind of initiative. Getting a visa to reside in Australia isn’t easy as a foreigner to invest in real estate, for buying property in Australia, however once that’s done the procedures are relatively straight forward. The economy in the conditions is good with low unemployment. The outdoor lifestyle that is healthy is just another thing people frequently mention as the reason for moving to Australia.