Physiotherapy & Exercise

If you are suffering from an injury, your Physiotherapist can create a fitness program that is suits your injury and exercise levels.

Your Physiotherapist’s training included the treatment of injuries in addition to exercise physiology, that’s the science of exercise. This means your Physiotherapist can evaluate and diagnose your injury in addition to develop a fitness program to fit your age, injury and exercise levels.

If you are recovering from an injury it is important your exercises are not painful. Placing extra pressure on your body will not enable you to recover quickly from the injury, studies have proven that pain prevents your muscles from performing to their maximum capacity and can become counter productive.

Your Physiotherapist will evaluate your injury and give you exercises that are tailored to your condition which are acceptable for you. We advise that you consult a fitness expert when you are planning your rehabilitation.

The simplest of exercises may prevent your muscles from getting feeble, when your muscles become weak, they won’t have the ability to support the areas of your body that are injured.

Your Physiotherapist will evaluate your injury and provide you with an exercise program that can enable you to recover. Typically the exercises your Physio urges can be performed at home with no equipment.

When your Physiotherapist provides you exercises to the rehabilitation of an accident, they are using their expertise and expert opinion to do so. To get the best results from your exercise program it is imperative that you do the exercises your Physio provides you. You would not stop taking medication your doctor prescribes you, so be certain you do your ‘daily dose’ of exercise! If you are recovering from an injury and would like to learn more, you can make a booking with one of our Physios in a practice across metropolitan Melbourne.