Local catering Camberwell doesn’t have to be next door!

I recently hosted my daughter’s engagement at my home in Camberwell and it was my first time planning an event on a larger scale in such a small time frame.  They had their engagement party only two weeks after her fiancé proposed which gave me little time to plan and fewer options to choose from, for the evening.

As the venue wasn’t an issue the biggest challenge I had was finding a local catering Camberwell company to supply the event, everyone I knew in the suburb was booked out. That is until I realised that local doesn’t have to be catering Camberwell side, simply catering that will attend an event in Camberwell.

The Food Agency was unbelievable at short notice. Not only did they provide us with delicious finger food that we were able to trial before the night, but they provided us with drinks for the bar and really helped put together a fantastic night for my daughter.

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