Don’t wait for tomorrow to call a dietitian Melbourne

Sticking to a diet can be really tough. We have all been in both of these scenarios. The first is the ‘tomorrow never comes’. I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll binge tonight and eat all of my favourite foods, get it out of my system and then tomorrow I’ll be ready to start. Only you don’t …and get in to a cycle of binging and putting on even more weight.

The other scenario is the ‘I’ve messed up and now it’s all over’. You are full of motivation and on the right track and then all of a sudden you have a moment of weakness that your dietician Melbourne warned you about. You eat chocolate, and because you did, you eat all the other nasty foods that you know aren’t good for you and feel so bad about it that you stop the diet altogether.

Speak to Dietitian Melbourne and they will tell you that if you mess up just start again tomorrow and if you plan on starting tomorrow than tomorrow is today

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