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A commercial Construction Company That Gets The Job Done

We’ve had a few old warehouses near the city my grandfather built in the 50’s and they’ve provided the family with a modest income for a long time. The decision was made to try and make more of the space but it’s not something we normally have anything to do with. All the people we spoke to encouraged us to get great plans and to hire a really capable and professional commercial construction company.

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New Accountants In Melbourne

We’ve just changed accountants for the first time in a long time. An accountant is kind of like a doctor in that after a while you feel like they know you and your business so well, your history – starting all over seems like a big deal. The truth was, our old accountant had been getting sloppy and we weren’t the priority for him that we expected to be.

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Second hand souvenirs need self storage st kilda

I am a bit of a collector of vintage items and antique objects, I like to keep them and watch them increase in value over time. I have always found that the best way to hold on to my second hand salvations is keep in them in storage where they can remain safe and out of the way.

My only problem in the past was having to travel far to put my items under lock and key but that was before I discovered the convenient self storage St Kilda side, right around the corner from my home.

It has made my life so much easier, after a bargain hunt I usually have to waste my weekend driving to and from my storage and unit and now I just stop by my self storage St Kilda space on my way home. If you want easier and closer access to your belongings this is where I found it

Melbourne Secure Storage

Every year around this time we start getting new bikes coming into the shop without always the space to put them. We have big sales and try to move all the old stock but it’s obviously pretty essential to have somewhere safe and secure to store bikes off site. Some people are lucky and have a massive warehouse but we’re pretty tight on space which is just the price you pay for being a small operation in the inner city. Some of our bikes retail at over 10k so it’s fair to say we need to feel comfortable about where we store them.

Guardian Storage have been great over the last few years for storage in Melbourne. They give us the confidence to leave a stack of bikes there for as long as we need to and know that everything will always be exactly how we left it. The peace of mind is indispensible.