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Top athletes get their meals delivered here in Melbourne

At our sports club we recommend that all serious athletes and competitors try Dineamic’s meal delivery in Melbourne. They are a company who have a background in professional sports and competition and have a thorough understanding of the science of nutrition and how it can be optimised to promote weight loss or gain, energy and strength. Continue reading

Don’t wait for tomorrow to call a dietitian Melbourne

Sticking to a diet can be really tough. We have all been in both of these scenarios. The first is the ‘tomorrow never comes’. I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll binge tonight and eat all of my favourite foods, get it out of my system and then tomorrow I’ll be ready to start. Only you don’t …and get in to a cycle of binging and putting on even more weight. Continue reading

Bad posture needs a recumbent exercise bike

One of the biggest training tips that my personal trainer gives me is having the correct posture when going through our workout regime. If you have incorrect posture not only are you not doing your exercises properly but you are putting unnecessary strain on your neck shoulders and back. A recumbent exercise bike will alleviate the stress from poor posture.

A Recumbent exercise bike differs from the average gym bike in that it has extra back support attached to the bike seat. You are able to relax back in to the seat whilst you pedal which can aid in correcting bad posture or relieving tension from those with chronic neck and back pain.

For a great selection of recumbent exercise bikes check out Lifespanfitness recumbent exercise bikes for the best prices around.

Need Help Sleeping?

I’m a notoriously bad sleeper and have been ever since I was a kid. When things got really bad I used to take all sorts of nasty stuff to help get a good nights rest but I know I wasn’t doing myself any favours. The right approach can help correct your body’s natural tendencies and create a better condition for sleeping. There are still psychological and behavioural factors as well of course, but that’s another story.

Continue reading