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The Designer Bridal Room saved my wedding!


Everything for my wedding was organised and ready to go. The dress, the cake, the venue, the flowers, the invitation. Then my shoes arrived and we hit a little speed bump. They were the wrong size. I called the store and told them they’d given me a size too small, and if they could send me the right size instead. Unfortunately, they had none left in my size and it would be at least a month before they did. A month was too long, and I had no intention of walking down the aisle in bare feet, so I tried to find a similar shoe at another store. I came across The Designer Bridal Room, and straight away I could tell they were one of the finer wedding dress shops Melbourne has to offer. Best part? They did shoes, too! I found a pair of wedding slippers even more beautiful than the ones I’d already ordered, so I bought them instantly (in the right size, of course!) What could have been a disaster was in the end a better option, and I owe it all to The Designer Bridal Room. Anything you need for your wedding – dresses, shoes, jewellery – these guys have got it all and they’re simply stunning. Check them out.

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Find a Removalist in Melbourne

Finding a removalist in Melbourne is actually pretty easy. There’s quite a few companies out there we’ve used over the years and plenty of them are good enough. There’s none I’d really rave about with the exception of Melbourne Cheap Removals.

I was having a killer day last week when we needed to move my mum into her new apartment. It’s this really lovely building and it’s all retirees basically and while there is a lift, it’s not massive. Mum has a lot of beautiful old furniture her and dad had collected over the years. It’s stuff she is obviously very fond of and in fact we all are. The whole experience was very emotional for her and stressful for me but Melbourne Cheap Removals were really supportive and compassionate as well as doing a fantastic job. They are a great removalist Melbourne.

Don’t wait for tomorrow to call a dietitian Melbourne

Sticking to a diet can be really tough. We have all been in both of these scenarios. The first is the ‘tomorrow never comes’. I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll binge tonight and eat all of my favourite foods, get it out of my system and then tomorrow I’ll be ready to start. Only you don’t …and get in to a cycle of binging and putting on even more weight. Continue reading

Wading Through Your Winery Tour Options From Melbourne

The Australian wine industry has gone from strength to strength and the number of quality wine makers within a stones throw of Melbourne is ever growing. Many of these wineries are on beautiful estates and boast excellent food and of course, wine. A day out in the Yarra Valley or Mornington Peninsula is a great way to spend your time and there are plenty of great operators to help you make the most of your time.

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