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Bond Loan’s Make Sense

A bond is really just dead money when you think about it. It never really bothered me much until my latest move when the bond was a serious bit of coin, for me anyway. If you can remember your last move, the chances are it’s not something you will be thinking fondly on. With gas, water and electricity to think about, Internet and furniture and moving and all the rest, the last thing you want to be worrying about is more money.

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Why Curtains and Blinds matter

When furnishing a home the initial focus is usually on finding the right table and couches, the best wall colour paint, where to place the dining room table and chairs and how to make a study space functional.  Curtains and blinds are often overlooked even before mirror placement, but here’s why you should get on to them sooner rather than later.

Curtains and blinds matter when it comes to colour and texture coordination and the overall feel of an apartment. Don’t just assume that you will find window coverage that fits in with what you have already styled because when you start looking you’ll see that you have a definite preference for shade and privacy, aesthetic, and material and it might just clash with everything else.

My advice is to get advice here before you have to move the table and repaint the walls.

Beautifully Furnished Apartments in Houston TX

The problem with a hotel is everything is where it’s supposed to be but nothing is really where you want it. I can’t remember where I heard that one but it really holds true. Now plenty of people love the hotel experience because it’s temporary. I’ve had the experience of extended periods working on the road and even temporary relocation and a hotel is just not where you want to be coming home to night after night.

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Don’t wait for tomorrow to call a dietitian Melbourne

Sticking to a diet can be really tough. We have all been in both of these scenarios. The first is the ‘tomorrow never comes’. I’ll start tomorrow, I’ll binge tonight and eat all of my favourite foods, get it out of my system and then tomorrow I’ll be ready to start. Only you don’t …and get in to a cycle of binging and putting on even more weight. Continue reading

Don’t waste self storage space

We could all use a little extra space some times. Over the years we accumulate so many things that sometimes you feel like you are falling over your feet whenever you walk through the door. Getting external self storage is a great option to keep some of your possessions away from home.

However, not all of us have mountains of furniture or large pieces to stow away and I understand the hesitation in paying for a self-storage unit that you can’t fill, it’s like spending on wasted space.

My suggestion is to find a place like Discount City Storage that can find the perfect storage solution for you and you will only pay for the space that you need. Need a small locker or unit for a few precious mementos, no worries, or have enough belongings to fill a 2 bedroom apartment, you’ll find it there.

Which River Cruise in Melbourne?

If you’re familiar with Melbourne beautiful Yarra river you will know that there are many boats that service it from kayaks and gondolas all the way up to big river cruise ships. It’s a bit of a tough call, choosing the right river cruise in Melbourne and while they are all pretty good, some are definitely better than others.

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Great Gates In Melbourne

I remember that iconic scene in The Castle when the Kerrigan boys steal the gates from the Toorak mansion with a tow truck and drag it all the way back to their place by the airport. They boast about their ‘pretty good gate,’ later in the film and it’s all pretty hilarious but it’s exactly what I had in mind when we we’re building our place.

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